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How to adjust the flow of two way solenoid valve

2020-06-23 17:34:28

How to adjust the total flow of the solenoid valve? Can it be adjusted? How to use the solenoid valve to adjust the total flow of the pipeline import and export trade? This paper discusses with you by the solenoid valve manufacturer Shanghai chuannai gate valve. If the total flow of the pipeline is adjusted according to the solenoid valve.

The first thing we want to establish is that the flow passage of the independent solenoid valve has only two conditions, on and off. The high-quality water solenoid valve has a fast response time, all of which are ms level. The adsorption force of the solenoid valve at the moment of start-up is large In general, the stroke is arranged in millimeters to centimeters. No matter from the electromagnetic effect or the law of inertia, the valve core of the special water solenoid valve can not hover, and it is unlikely to say that it can precisely operate at any position as if it gave 4 ~ 50mA data signal like the control valve.

As early as the 1980s and 1990s, there were solenoid valve design providers in Europe. According to different specifications of solenoid valves, two, three, four or even several different specifications of solenoid valves were connected in series. According to the combination, dozens of flow monitoring plans could be completed.

It is a kind of solenoid valve with different sizes, as shown in the figure. Figure 'design drawing of double combined solenoid valve solenoid valve (1 large) + solenoid valve (2 small) in many applications, the precision of oil measurement and verification of refueling gun and the linearity of filling net weight of compressed natural gas cylinder by gas dispenser reach, +,' -, double or multi group solenoid valves are selected.

The large valve is opened to make it close in a short time; then the large valve is closed and filled by a small valve, so as to ensure the precision of the total flow. This technology has been used overseas for many years.

Nowadays, the solenoid valve manufacturer, Shanghai chuannai, has achieved the target value of imported products and has unique characteristics. When the power supply voltage is too high and the current is too high, the maintenance system software will automatically cut off the switching power supply. When the common faults are cleared, it will be automatically repaired. The metrological verification of large flow in Sinopec is still in the process of being introduced or digested. The overseas two-stage shut-off valve with complex structure and unstable characteristics is still being introduced or digested.

In fact, the actual effect will be much better if we choose the large flow double or multi group solenoid valve made in China. Double or multi group combination valve is also commonly used to control temperature, working pressure, liquid level meter and other main parameters. The large valve ensures the basic quantity, and the small valve shows the compensation amount. In the system software with relatively stable main parameters, this kind of position control can achieve very high precision. For example, the temperature automatic control system still encounters the harm of thermal inertia force.

Therefore, the cost can be greatly controlled by using the appropriate double or multi combination valve under the premise of considering the operation regulations.



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