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Technical innovation is the fundamental development of two way solenoid valve manufacturers

2020-06-23 17:36:19

At the present stage, the overall independent innovation ability of Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers is not very high, resulting in all solenoid valve manufacturing industry is relatively backward, many solenoid valve manufacturers introduce excellent technology, very few independent innovation. When foreign customers visit China's new heavy industry projects, such as electric power engineering, petrochemical industry, etc., they find that the solenoid valve products of many new projects are basically changed in the original design scheme of western countries. Nowadays, the design level of solenoid valve manufacturing industry in China is not high. Although China's technical backbone manufacturers have certain product R & D standards, the R & D centers of most solenoid valve manufacturers are limited by staff and high-quality waterway solenoid valve equipment. Customized waterway solenoid valve lacks sufficient capital investment, and the ability of product R & D and technical consultation is relatively closed.

Solenoid valve

Compared with the capitalist countries, the level of solenoid valve design scheme in China is quite different from that in capitalist countries. Although Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers have intelligent machinery and equipment, they can complete automatic practical operation, and even some manufacturers in western countries are quite different. However, the casting equipment of some solenoid valve manufacturers is relatively poor, and the forging process of solenoid valve products made of steel, iron, aluminum, copper and polymer materials is outdated, which leads to serious resource consumption.

Most of the solenoid valve manufacturers can not independently carry out the seismic and other reasonable analysis of the solenoid valve. Such manufacturers have to authorize the design scheme school to carry out the seismic analysis. Only some manufacturers have a relatively complete grasp of the earth stress calculation and seismic analysis of the solenoid valve, the fatigue analysis of the solenoid valve, and its impact resistance analysis. To a certain extent, it restricts the improvement of the R & D ability of Chinese manufacturers High.

China's industry university research cooperation degree is low, and the products independently developed and designed have low scientific and technological content. Although some colleges and universities and scientific research and planning institutes set up technical specialties, departments and rooms to carry out scientific research on solenoid valve technology, they only put forward technical standards for the efficacy and specified characteristics of solenoid valves in all equipment, and do not carry out the production of production technology for solenoid valve product design scheme Product R & D, even with design drawings, usually lacks process performance and is not suitable for the operation process. In some cases, the lack of specific certification method is the key reason for the slightly lower overall technical strength of China's solenoid valve products.



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