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Development history of high pressure solenoid valve manufacturers

2020-06-23 17:38:57

The development history of solenoid valve is accompanied by more and more common use of solenoid valve and higher and higher requirements for solenoid valve. A large number of more detailed and more stringent solenoid valves have been developed. The whole process of development of solenoid valve has been following the footsteps of the sales market, mainly the demand for various kinds of solenoid valve has increased sharply. The following details are given according to the types of substances:

Solenoid valve

(1) Water solenoid valve

Water solenoid valve is always thought to be very simple. In fact, water is divided into drinking water, industrial pure water, chemical wastewater, farmland irrigation, sea surface and other various types. Its corrosion energy and cleaning level are different, so different solenoid valves should be used. Although the most common drinking water valve, but the main purpose is different, the characteristics of the gate valve is not the same.

For example, high quality two position solenoid valve for fire safety, posture credibility is particularly important, in case of failure, adverse effects can not be predicted. Even if the general hand valve does not open and close for a long time, it is difficult to open quickly. In recent years, many multi-storey buildings have sprung up, and the technology of fire safety solenoid valve in China has been improved. For example, the water supply company needs to use the solenoid valve to reverse the siphon circuit. However, under the working pressure condition, the customized two position solenoid valve should also be reliable under the vacuum pump condition. There must be no internal leakage during the work, and the posture should be flexible when the water cleanliness level is not too high. In addition, the electromagnetic valve of sprinkler irrigation equipment has been gradually used with the development trend of agriculture, animal husbandry and landscape industry in China.

(2) Steam solenoid valve

In order to deal with the difficulty of heat resistance, the raw materials of rubber seal, conductivity and magnetic absorption must be selected. The rust of steam pipe is relatively strong and must be completed carefully. More importantly, there is a lot of condensate in the steam pipe after work in the processing plant. The solenoid valve must be able to rely on the steam state and liquid hydrodynamics. There are several strict procedures for the original factory detection.



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