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Characteristics of two position two way solenoid valve pulse valve: what are the requirements for technical standards?

2020-06-23 17:54:49

The electromagnetic pulse valve is composed of electromagnetic induction pilot head, diaphragm and oil circuit board. The total area of the posterior chamber of the diaphragm is greater than that of the anterior chamber.

The electronic device control instrument inputs the electronic signal to make the electromagnetic induction guide digest and absorb the moving column and open the pouring hole. The working pressure vapor in the cavity behind the diaphragm is quickly discharged. The working pressure vapor in the front chamber of diaphragm extends out of the diaphragm to open the safety channel, and the electromagnetic pulse valve is used for injection.

Custom liquid solenoid valve: when the data signal of electric spark disappears, the electromagnetic induction pilot head will immediately calibrate the moving column and close the unloading hole. The air pressure and elastic yellow force in the back cavity of the special liquid solenoid valve make the diaphragm close the safety channel, and the gate valve stops flowing.

When the air pressure is increased and the air pressure is unloaded, the damping hole on the diaphragm has the effect of damping cyclone. When the support hole is closed, the working pressure vapor enters into the back chamber quickly, which makes the diaphragm close the safety channel and stops the gushing.

After the improvement of the electromagnetic pulse valve, the characteristics have been improved, the total number of introduction has been increased, the magnetic induction intensity and sensitivity of high-quality liquid solenoid valve have been improved, the credibility and reliability of electromagnetic pulse valve products have been improved, and the service life of electromagnetic pulse valve has been increased.

1 -- special cable coil 2 -- small diaphragm 3 -- strut hole 4 -- rear diaphragm cavity 5 -- large diaphragm 6 -- damping hole 7 -- front diaphragm cavity

Characteristics of electromagnetic pulse valve: what are the provisions of the standard specification?

2. Standard Specification of electromagnetic pulse valve

(1) Pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

(2) Substances at work: cleaning gas

(3) Working voltage: DC24 V, (AC380V / 50Hz)

(4) Current: 0.8A (0.05A)

Application of natural environment: (1) temperature: relay - 20 ℃ - 80 ℃

The diaphragm is - 50 ℃ - 85 ℃ at room temperature and - 20 ℃ - 250 ℃ at high temperature

(2) Gas air humidity not more than 85%

(3) Waterproof grade: IP65

(4) Diaphragm service life: one million times



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