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Production process control and maintenance of high temperature two way solenoid valve

2020-06-23 17:55:38

It is widely used in ship heavy industry machinery, testing instruments, heating equipment, hydraulic machinery and other industries, and the operating temperature is above 300 ℃ of heat transfer system software. Automatic control systems, such as heating device, industrial furnace, high temperature ash discharge, drying equipment, steelmaking plant, power plant, printing and dyeing, petrochemical equipment, chemical machinery and equipment, ventilation and air conditioning, mechanical equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical equipment, electroplating process spraying and other automatic control systems, such as power plant exhaust pipe drainage equipment and exhaust system software. In the industrial production, the automatic control system of steam and high temperature heat transfer oil is not only necessary for the processing process, but also the necessary condition for environmental protection and energy saving. For many years, the quality problems of steam and high temperature heat transfer oil have not only caused serious property losses, but also hindered the production and manufacturing. Therefore, the selection and application of various types of gate valves are analyzed.

Manufacturing process management

In order to deal with the credibility and scalability problems of high temperature and high pressure solenoid valve, in addition to taking into account the reasonable configuration and raw materials in the design scheme, the solenoid valve company must also operate the processing process of its core components in the whole process of manufacturing and inspection. The important and unique processes of high temperature and high pressure solenoid valve include surface treatment, welding and deep processing.

1) The detailed production and processing of screw cap, valve plug and oil circuit board are the core parts of relay. The key points are the internal thread of the screw cover, the outside specification of the plug and the surface roughness of the sealing surface. The valve plug surface treatment is defined as an important process in the solenoid valve price. Valve plug has the characteristics of high strength, high precision and easy deformation, so it is necessary to select the surface treatment of valve plug. Analyze the process capability of important parts to ensure the quality of production and processing. Staff, machinery and equipment, designated, regular maintenance, collect data information to carry out data analysis.

2) The valve cover of the relay is welded with the magnetic insulation pipe, and the magnetic insulation pipe is welded with the iron core of the fixed fixed transformer. The original self arc welding is replaced by pull welding, which improves the compressive strength of welding and avoids fatigue cracking. After welding, tensile strength test and air tightness test are carried out to ensure the welding quality.

3) Generally, hard seal is selected to ensure that the sealing characteristics meet the requirements, and the sealing surface and core of high-pressure gate valve must be grounded. The sealing surface of the valve plug and the high pressure gate valve adopts the matching cutting technology to make the surface roughness of the sealing surface more than 0.2 μ M.



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