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Maintenance work of high pressure solenoid valve manufacturer

2020-06-23 17:56:28

Electric control valve in the application of the whole process is inevitable common faults, but early inspection and maintenance of its regular inspection and maintenance can reduce the occurrence of common faults to a certain extent, and also can maintain the operation of machinery and equipment stronger. In this paper, we will talk about the maintenance work of electric control valve with everyone.

Electric control valve maintenance work

1. Remove the stress. Various stresses are caused by improper installation or composition. For example, high temperature materials cause thermal stress, and the installation is tight. The unbalance of solid force leads to stress, etc. The unbalanced effect of stress on the electric control valve makes the valve seat and guiding parts of the electric control valve deform, and can not be properly aligned with the valve seat, resulting in leakage and expansion. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the stress removal maintenance work in the usual maintenance.

2. Remove rust and dirt. Often check whether there is rust, welding penetration, dirt, etc. in the connecting pipeline of electric control valve, and eliminate it immediately after detection. This kind of dirt will cause damage to the valve core and valve seat of the electric control valve and endanger the normal operation of the electric control valve. Generally, the filter screen and other filtration systems can be modified in front of the electric control valve, and cleaned on time.

3. Check the electric control valve support. The support of the electric control valve makes the components of the control valve in the position that will not be harmed by the force. If the over water solenoid valve company support is not good, the electric control valve seat and the valve seat can not be aligned, so that the worse the expansion, the sealing performance is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the electric control valve support is suitable. Reading recommendation: effect of stainless steel plate small electric control valve brand ranking

Electric control valve maintenance work and everyone sent here, looking forward to the water solenoid valve price of the proposal can help you, a large number of relevant news information about the control valve, please again care about the sharing of this website, everyone in the application of regulating valve in the whole process encountered all problems, can communicate with you online or dial the outside service telephone, Shanghai The quality of our products is reliable and the types are rich and colorful. We hope you can call us for information.



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