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Trouble shooting of two way solenoid valve

2020-06-23 18:08:55

1、 The solenoid valve does not work after being connected to the power supply

Check the switch power supply wiring is not good, re wiring and connector connection

Check whether the power supply voltage is within ± working range - adjust all normal parts

Two way solenoid valve company solenoid coil is not bad contact, re welding

Solenoid short circuit fault replace solenoid

Is the pressure difference not suitable for adjusting the pressure difference or replacing the equivalent solenoid valve

If the fluid dynamics temperature is too high, replace the corresponding solenoid valve

The main valve core of solenoid valve and iron core of moving transformer are jammed due to residue from the manufacturer of two-way solenoid valve. If the sealing is damaged, the sealing property shall be replaced and the filter device shall be installed

The liquid viscosity is very high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached the replacement commodity

2、 The solenoid valve cannot be turned off

Two way solenoid valve price the seal of the main valve core or moving iron core is damaged. Replace the seal

Fluid dynamics temperature, viscosity is too high, replacement professional counterpart solenoid valve

The residue enters into the valve core of solenoid valve or the iron core of power transformer for cleaning

Spring yellow service life has reached or deformation replacement

Clean up the blockage of the equalizing orifice of the throttle valve immediately

The output power is too high or the service life has reached the replacement or upgrading products

3、 Other conditions

Internal leakage check whether the seal is damaged and whether the spring yellow is not installed properly

The leakage joint is loose or the seal is damaged. Tighten the screw or replace the seal

There is noise when connecting to the power supply. The fastener on the head is loose and tightened. If the fluctuation of working voltage is not allowed, adjust the working voltage. Clean or replace the residue or uneven surface of the transformer core.

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