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What problems are easily encountered in the early installation of two position two way solenoid valve?

2020-06-23 18:12:28

1. The cleaning work is incomplete, the actual operation is careless, and the special tools are used indiscriminately. It is mainly manifested in the fact that the valve stem, pressure and environmental material surface need not be cleaned up with cooking oil, and even there is residual packing in the box; the actual operation is not in accordance with the sequence, and the packing is placed everywhere, so that the packing is stained with fine sand; there is no need for common tools, and the packing is cleaned with a cutter, and the packing is installed with a screwdriver. This greatly reduces the packing installation quality.

2. It is not good to use fillers, replacing high with low ones and narrow ones with wide ones. The general bottom pressure packing is used in high temperature and strong erosion material.

3. Packing angle is not correct, length is different, installation in the environment material closed, uneven, not tight.

4. The two position and two-way solenoid valve manufacturer shall place it in double-layer environment, and double-layer winding packing shall be clamped at one time. The stuffing box packing is not even, there is a gap, after clamping, it is tight outside and loose inside, which improves the leakage of packing.

5. The packing is installed too much, so that the pressure is on the top of the stuffing box, which is very easy to cause the position tax to scratch the valve stem.

6. Due to the small torque gap between the pressure and environmental materials of the two position two-way solenoid valve company, and the packing leakage in application, it is impossible to tighten the gland again.

7. If the pressure is too tight to the material pressure, the valve rod will be damaged and the opening and closing force of the closing rod will be enlarged.

8. The gland is inclined and tight.

9. Two position two-way solenoid valve price, the gap between the valve stem and the pressure valve is too small, rubbing each other, damaging the valve stem.

10. The installation of O-shape diagram is very easy to cause distortion, scratch, tensile deformation and other defects.




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