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Two way solenoid valve industrial automation solenoid valve

2020-06-23 18:13:11

When the main solenoid valve is connected to the power supply, the magnetic force opens the main hole, and the pressure of the upper chamber decreases rapidly. The manufacturer of the solenoid valve matching the bottle blowing machine produces a low pressure difference around the closing part. The hydrodynamic pressure promotes the closing part to move upward and the valve opens. When the power is turned off, the spring yellow force closes the main hole, and the channel pressure is closed according to the side buried hole fast chamber The pressure difference between the lower part and the upper part is generated around the valve, and the hydrodynamic pressure promotes the closing part to move downward to close the valve.

To sum up, we can understand that the damage and poor lubrication of valve core, short circuit fault or short circuit of excitation coil of solenoid coil, and invalid ductility of spring yellow will become the internal causes of invalid solenoid valve.

The external reasons include the failure of AC contactor or automobile relay, the poor working standard voltage power supply system of the bottle blowing machine matching solenoid valve company, frequent application and poor maintenance.

The universal type can not be used in the places with explosion risk.

In the case of insufficient pipe stiffness, it is suggested that the left and right water pipes in front of and behind the valve should be fixed with a support frame to prevent the electromagnetic valve from vibration when working.

During installation, the solenoid coil of the solenoid valve shall be upward, and the vertical position shall be maintained. The arrow or mark on the upward direction of the solenoid valve shall be consistent with the inflow of the pipeline, and shall not be installed in the area with water splash or water seepage.

Before installation, it is necessary to recognize the product identification plate, read the manual carefully, and distinguish whether the product meets the application standard.

A pressure gauge should be installed on the left and right pipes before and after the solenoid valve, so as to observe the pipeline pressure.

To avoid explosion and leakage of solenoid valve.

Before installing the solenoid valve, the pipeline must be clean and tidy.

It is suggested to install filtering device in front of the valve, and the bottle blowing machine should be equipped with solenoid valve.

It is not necessary to install the solenoid valve at the depression of the pipeline to prevent the position from being obstructed by the sedimentation of steam condensate and residue in the valve.

During the operation of the solenoid valve, there should be no particulate residue, and the waste and filtering device on the surface of the internal parts of the solenoid valve should be cleaned up on time.

In order to protect the solenoid valve immediately in case of common failure of the solenoid valve, and in order to ensure all normal operation, install bypass equipment. Note: the valve on the bypass must be closed normally.

If on the support frame, the diameter of the solenoid valve should be lower than that of the valve on the main pipe.

Application category

It is widely used in textile, packaging and printing, chemical plant, plastic, vulcanized rubber, pharmaceutical industry, food, decorative building materials, mechanical equipment, household appliances, metal surface treatment and other production and research units and their shower room, dining hall, central air conditioning and other living equipment. The valve is a layer by layer position immediately guided normally closed solenoid valve, and the solenoid coil is streamlined after power supply The ring first pushes the small valve to open, and the large valve opens under the effect of the material pressure difference and magnetic force.



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