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Working principle of two position two way solenoid valve

2020-06-23 18:15:08

The auxiliary valve plug and the iron core of the branch transformer are raised due to the elastic yellow effect. In the circulation of materials and commodities, there are buried holes in different parts, and the gear oil will enter into different oil pipes. In the middle of the cavity is a valve. According to the basic principles, solenoid valves are divided into three categories: direct acting, all over direct acting and pilot operated. According to the movement of the control oil circuit board, different oil drain holes are blocked or exposed. The magnetic coil causes electromagnetic force to lift the shut-off part from the high-pressure gate valve To, the main valve opens the solenoid valve, and then promotes the piston of the hydraulic cylinder according to the working pressure of the oil.

When the power is turned off, the piston rod pushes the mechanical equipment to move, the gate valve is closed, and the oil inlet is open and closed. According to the structure, it is divided into pulse damper type solenoid valve and piston type solenoid valve. After connecting the power supply, the electromagnetic force immediately opens the pilot hole, and the piston of the main valve is lifted up successively. There are two electromagnetic coils on both sides. When the starting pressure difference between the channel and the inlet and outlet is achieved, the According to the current of the solenoid coil, the thermal movement of molecules is controlled, the electromagnetic force dissipates, and the working pressure of the upper chamber of the main valve piston decreases. Photo of ultra-low temperature solenoid valve photo of explosion-proof solenoid valve photo of high-pressure solenoid valve principle of direct acting solenoid valve: it is a basic principle of close combination of direct acting and pilot operated solenoid valve. When the power is turned off, the gate valve will open and the upper chamber of main piston will be increased; when the power is turned off, the shut-off part will be pressed on the high-pressure gate valve, and then the normally open and normally closed test will be conducted Come on, normally closed test - when there is no pressure difference between the channel and the inlet, the pilot port opens and the valve opens.

The gate valve opens. The working pressure is not high in the upper and lower cavities of the main piston. The electromagnetic force first opens the pilot hole to promote the main piston to move downward. The spring yellow force calibration closes the pilot hole, and then uses the pressure difference and electromagnetic force to drive the main piston. The material working pressure and elastic yellow force promote the main piston. The electromagnetic force pulls in the valve core of the pilot hole, and closes the pilot hole by spring yellow calibration, and the pulse damper type electromagnetism Valve principle: when the power supply is connected, the valve is closed, and the working pressure of the upper chamber decreases rapidly. Principle of pilot operated solenoid valve: normally closed test --- when connected with power supply.



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