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Characteristics of two way solenoid valve and electric valve

2020-06-23 18:16:57

However, the gate valve can not be maintained after the pneumatic valve is finally broken. It is easy to repair and maintain. In addition, the operation is relatively slow, and it is troublesome to complete the section operation and system control. When there is a large thrust, it is necessary to push the valve seat immediately because of the simple structure of the pneumatic actuator. The key advantage of the electric actuator is the stable height width ratio and the stable thrust that can be used by customers. The posture is stable and reliable The thrust force caused by larger actuator can reach 225000kgf, which is widely used in refineries and other processing processes with high safety requirements. However, the engineering cost of hydraulic valve actuator is much higher than that of electric type, and the output parallel line offset (after power on / gas conversion equipment). It can also accept continuous electronic signals). The output thrust or torque is mostly stable, and can output angular velocity with positive and reactive forces, so as to control the main parameters of processing technology, but the speed rate will be very slow when the load is increased, if the servo amplifier is applied. With high credibility, the actuator and adjustment organization of? Pneumatic valve valve pneumatic actuator are unified as a whole. The off signal valve position can be easily set (maintain / open / full close). The stroke of piston machine is long, and the adaptability to natural environment is good.

It must stay at the origin and have explosion-proof function. The pneumatic actuator of the waterway solenoid valve company must rely on a set of composition and maintenance system software to complete the position retention, because in the high pressure water system software must be a smooth, smooth and slow whole process. In power station and chemical plant, the key defect of electric actuator is complex structure. Only the hydraulic valve actuator can achieve such a high thrust. Some of them add the crank arm. And because of its diversity, the mobile speed is high.

The operation of the motor causes heat. The output force is related to the actual operating pressure, so the linearity is higher than that of pneumatic actuator. It is very easy to cause motor over temperature. It is very easy to complete the exchange of positive and negative effects, while the plastic film type travel arrangement is smaller. In addition, it will increase the damage to the speed reduction transmission gear. The key advantage of pneumatic actuator is that it can accept the continuous gas data signal, the price of water solenoid valve, and the anti offset ability of electric actuator is very good, and it must take a long time.

Can very good get rid of the non interaction of materials, on-site maintenance staff technical standards on the relative higher, if the adjustment is too often, solenoid valve manufacturers, its actuator has plastic film type and piston machine two categories, resulting in thermal maintenance. It is the pneumatic actuator can not do, the output power is very large; it is very easy to produce common faults, to adjust the valve response and fitness exercise to which relative position. PVC pneumatic butterfly valve electric valve electric actuator key application in power plant or nuclear power plant, it is it can not compare with pneumatic, hydraulic control valve actuator area.



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