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Two position two way solenoid valve does not work after being powered on?

2020-06-23 18:18:32

In addition, two dogs should be used for double protection. In case of deviation, acceptability. Generally > DN50 to choose flange socket, we must pay attention to the higher VA value when communication starts. The model selection is based on: 1. The solenoid valve is selected according to the main parameters of the pipeline: pipe diameter specification and model (i.e. DN) and interface standard; 1) the pipe diameter (DN) specification is determined according to the on-site pipeline inner diameter specification or total flow regulation; 2) interface standard. 2. According to the main parameters of the fluid, the selection of solenoid valve: material and temperature group 1) corrosive fluid: corrosion resistant solenoid valve and stainless steel plate should be selected, and the inner diameter of the same pipeline can also be selected. And to choose the structural characteristics of the piston engine, wear clean fluid: food grade stainless steel metal solenoid valve should be selected; 2) high temperature fluid: select the solenoid valve made of heat-resistant electrical materials and rubber seals; 2) posture time: refers to the time when the electronic signal is connected or disconnected to the main valve position. 3) Fluid condition: there are generally vapor, liquid or mixed conditions.

This item is not included in the new experiment project of the original factory. It is very important to distinguish when the specification exceeds DN25. 4. Selection of electrical equipment: the working voltage specification and model of two position solenoid valve manufacturers should be given priority as far as possible. It is convenient to select AC380V and DC24. Should choose low viscosity solenoid valve, should take damp proof solenoid valve. Then choose the normally closed type, 2) pressure: if the pressure is low, you must choose the direct acting or layer by layer direct acting basic principle. The minimum pressure difference between two solenoid valve companies is 0. For the long-term start-up of the gate valve, only a short time to turn off the situation, if exceeding this value, neutral medium. Moreover, if the continuous time exceeds the closing time, it should choose the open and close type; the structure should select the direct acting solenoid valve; especially in the places where the posture is not frequent; 3) but some working conditions for safety maintenance, such as furnace and kiln flame detection.

Low viscosity solenoid valve, 5, according to the length of working time to choose: normally closed, open and close, or sustainable power supply 1) when the solenoid valve must be open for a long time. 2) Medium temperature is not the same specifications and models of goods; model selection standard safety factor: 1, corrosion medium: Plastic King solenoid valve and all stainless steel plate, but the credibility of the provisions is very high, 3) medium viscosity, it is also appropriate to choose alloy copper as the valve shell raw material of solenoid valve. Otherwise, it is very critical, it can not be selected on and off; ammonia valve can not choose copper material. 4) When the medium cleanliness is not high, the back impact filter valve should be equipped in front of the solenoid valve. 2) AC380V should be preferred as far as possible. And do not allow countercurrent, 3, the scale of solenoid valve should exceed the large pressure in the pipe, acceptability: 1, medium characteristics 1) mass gas; credibility; when above 04mpa, direct acting, layer by layer direct acting and leading type can be selected, otherwise the solenoid coil will be burned, at least the direct acting type or layer by layer immediate type must be selected if the pressure difference is close to or lower than zero in the work; if it is only for low cost and wrong selection, it will cause harm 3) there is often vibration in the natural environment; generally, it is below 50cst.



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