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The working principle of two-way solenoid valve is very important to us

2020-06-23 18:37:13

The whole process of industrial production is very crucial to our present society. Our country's industrial production has promoted the promotion of all modernization, and the social economy has also caused a relative development trend. Therefore, a variety of professional capacity production equipment has become a crucial part of everyone to master. Many people have already known that solenoid valve is very important for everyone, which leads to their deeper interests and hobbies. At this time, many people will ask the same question. It's all about what the solenoid valve looks like.

In fact, with the continuous development trend of high-tech, all kinds of things can get a very rapid development trend with the help of high-tech. therefore, the manufacturing methods of various industrial production products commonly used by hydropower magnetic valve manufacturers are also very simple in the process of manufacturing. The traditional method is very simple, but the basic principle is very simple. Solenoid valve is actually installed in all enterprises inside a closed vessel, will be in different parts of the middle of the clothing hole. Each of the holes is connected with different production and transportation pipes, and a number of piston rods are distributed in the middle of different inner walls. In the process of practice, we can find that there are two solenoid coils with different sizes and overall strength installed on the left and right sides of all solenoid valves. According to the effect of magnet power supply, different oil circuit board will be attracted to two different magnets. In such an exchange process, the movement of the oil circuit board opens or closes different oil drain holes. In fact, it is not easy to close the oil inlet hole at ordinary times, so gear oil will naturally enter into different oil pipes. Two through the water solenoid valve company in the oil liquidity working pressure, two through the water solenoid valve price will make all the hydraulic cylinder piston rod just start to continue to move, and then control the electricity flow on or time period. Solenoid valve is very important to us, but it is not so complicated.

But now the social development above, some illegal personnel grasped this point, selected some unqualified raw materials to do this kind of industrial production special tool. To the industrial production and development trend has caused great harm and severe blow.



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