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Key points of installation and maintenance of solenoid valve

2020-07-27 14:10:30



On the basis of effective selection of three-way solenoid valve, proper installation, application and maintenance are the guarantee for reliable work of solenoid valve. However, the types of solenoid valves are complex and their main uses are different. Therefore, it is not possible to list the installation and maintenance methods one by one. Here, only some basic guidelines are discussed for reference only.

(1) When installing, pay attention to the inflow of materials in the work, and install according to the commodity circulation direction indicated by the arrow symbol on the oil circuit board. The switching power supply standard of power supply system shall be consistent with the requirements on the factory nameplate of solenoid valve, such as AC, DC, rated voltage, output power, etc. According to the control relay driver, the pairing between the two should be effective. The solenoid valve shall be grounded to ensure safety. The solenoid valve is equipped with a spring yellow, which can bear a certain level of vibration. The installation is slightly vertical, and it is still in normal operation. However, it should be installed in the area with less vibration as far as possible, and it should be installed vertically as far as possible. When installing, pay attention to the connection position with the valve and the tightness of the valve itself to avoid leakage. In the workplace with corrosive substances and outdoor installation, necessary protective measures should be taken to solve the problem.

(2) Repair the water solenoid valve installed in the new pipeline, and clean the process pipeline before application to eliminate the residue, dirt and welding penetration in the pipeline, so as to prevent the valve from being blocked or stuck. During the process shutdown period, when the solenoid valve is not needed, the manual stop valve in front of the valve should be turned off. If the shutdown time is too long, it can be considered to remove the solenoid valve for storage, otherwise, because the processing process pipeline is relatively serious, scaling is left in the valve, which makes the valve internal stuck and can not work. It is much easier and more active to remove and store than to solve common faults in working hours. It is also important to prepare the necessary spare parts in advance. Because the structure of solenoid valve is not too complicated, when encountering common faults, it is not too difficult to solve them. The following are some common problems, such as: when the power supply is connected but the solenoid valve is not working, check whether the wiring is normal, or check whether the solenoid coil is disconnected. The valve can't be opened when connected with power supply. Check whether the valve cover screw is loose. If this common fault occurs only after the valve cover gasket is replaced, check whether the sealing gasket is too thick or too thin, or the problem caused by inconsistent screw tightening level. Another is to check whether the valve plug is stuck. If there is a pilot valve, check whether the valve is blocked. The valve can not be closed after the power is turned off. Check whether the valve plug is stuck and whether the pilot valve is blocked. The valve has been closed, but it is not dead, and there is still material leakage in the work. The key inspection is whether the sealing gasket of the valve plug is damaged and whether the high-pressure gate valve is loose.




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