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How can the solenoid valve coil be corroded?

2020-07-28 15:18:23



The terminals of solenoid valve coil have water seepage due to poor sealing, and the corrosion of the terminals is in the positive stage, while the negative pole is intact. Therefore, it can be judged that the poor sealing performance of solenoid valve coil and water seepage are the main reasons for the corrosion of terminal posts. However, due to the extreme working conditions on the spot, the impact of coal on the coil is difficult to avoid, so there is no water at the coil terminal. Because of the existence of water at the terminal, and the water with salt, as an electrolyte solution effect;

Therefore, the galvanic reaction of the three-way solenoid valve appeared. In the whole process of connecting the negative pole and the coil power supply, all the electronic devices flowed into the negative electrode, and the corrosion current on the surface of the negative pole dropped to zero or close to zero, which prevented the terminal from losing the efficacy of electronic devices and further avoided the corrosion of the terminal. This is to say the pipeline cathodic protection with additional current. In the case of positive grade, the situation in turn becomes the abandoned anodic oxidation in the cathodic protection method of cathodic protection. As a result, even if the physical properties of copper is not optimistic, but also quickly corrosion, terminal rupture, resulting in common fault shutdown relay



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