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Lead out method of two way solenoid valve

2020-07-29 14:33:48



SMC is a two position two-way solenoid valve. The lead-out method shows a variety of model choices. The following is a brief summary of the most common way. There is a process for selecting the specifications and models of electrical equipment, including the operating voltage of the solenoid coil, the current flow rate and the lead-in method of the solenoid valve. The lead out method of solenoid valve of different series of SMC products is likely to be different. The price of solenoid valve is different. Convenience means that the installation and replacement of solenoid valve should be carried out quickly. As we all know, there will be a variety of wire lead-out methods in the same series.

The lead-out method is convenient and reliable. The lead lead-out method of small and medium-sized solenoid valve is selected as immediate group outlet type, l and M socket type, and the whole process of selecting solenoid valve is selected. In general, connect with external terminal immediately, as shown in the figure of G and H type. The plug can be pulled out from the groove by inserting it into the needle. The length of the wire is 300 mm and 600 mm, and various lengths can be customized. It is installed inside the solenoid valve and the plug is pulled out from the terminal block of the solenoid valve. Separate the terminal block from the plug box (cover), then tighten the terminal screw again and press down the bolt with thumb. L and M socket type conductor specification length is 300 mm, l and M socket type oblique angle solenoid valve pulse solenoid valve. The difference depends on the position of the plug, and the way of no wire or plug can be selected. Din socket type: it is the wiring terminal for electrical equipment in accordance with French DIN design standard. Hold the bolt and plug body with your fingers.

Loosen the set screw. The large and medium-sized solenoid valves are of immediate group outlet type and din socket type. Then, insert a slotted screwdriver into the opening at the bottom of the terminal block and push upward. The bolt claw extends into the groove of the cover to lock. Loosen the terminal screw on the terminal block, plug in the copper core cable of the conductor, and immediately group outlet type: lead out the wire from the solenoid coil of the solenoid valve, and the din socket type also has the plug type selection. Solenoid valve, two position two-way solenoid valve, solenoid valve manufacturer, two position two-way solenoid valve manufacturer, solenoid valve distributor, two-way two-way solenoid valve distributor



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