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AF air filter

AF air filter

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There is actually still a big difference in air filters, and one of the big misconceptions is that air filters and air conditioning filters are equated, but they actually have different duties. The air conditioner filters the air from the outside of the car into the car, while the air filter pressure reducing valve filters out the gas that needs to be burned into the engine.

There are many invisible dirt in the air, such as dust and particles. If it enters the engine for combustion without being filtered, it is likely to create carbon deposits.

These are the four main filters. Although both have the role of filtering impurities, but their "jurisdiction" is not the same, so it is essential. During maintenance, they should be replaced regularly in accordance with the maintenance instructions. Of course, you can also adjust in advance according to your own situation. Also, don't use inferior stuff, or you will get into a lot of trouble!

High-efficiency air conditioning filter is a comprehensive air conditioning equipment for purifying air conditioners, large central air conditioners, and constant temperature and humidity. The high-efficiency self-cleaning filter ensures the cleanliness of the ventilation system and effectively ensures the cleanliness of the room. High efficiency air conditioning filter with high air volume, high cleanliness and low cost is the ideal choice for many companies.


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