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AFR air source filtration pressure reducing valve

AFR air source filtration pressure reducing valve

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Air source processing parts are a combination of parts needed in many instruments, in fact, the internal is a combination of a variety of accessories, of which the three most important parts are: air filter, pressure reducing valve, sprayer and other components, some brands of solenoid valve and cylinder can be used without oil (through grease to lubricate), so no sprayer! The filter element is usually between 50~75 microns, and the regulating pressure is between 0.5~10 Mpa. If you need to filter the accuracy of 5~10 microns, 10~20 microns, 25~40 microns, and the regulating pressure is between 0.05~0.3 Mpa, 0.05~1 Mpa there is no pipeline connection between the three components.

The three major components are essential gas sources in most pneumatic systems, which are the ultimate guarantee in the vicinity of gas equipment. The three main components are air filter, pressure reducing valve and nozzle in order of air inlet direction. The combination of air filter and pressure relief valve is called pneumatic duplex. smg air source pressure reducing valve of gas source handler can also be made by combining air filter and pressure reducing valve, that is, filtered pressure relief valve (its function is the same as the combination of air filter and pressure reducing valve application).

In some cases, since oil mist cannot be present in compressed air, an oil mist separation device must be used to filter it. In general, these elements can be selected and combined together. An air filter is a device that purifies the air supply, effectively filtering moisture from the compressed air and preventing it from entering the equipment with the gas. The pressure reducing valve stabilizes the air source, keeps it constant, and reduces damage to the valve body, actuator, and other hardware due to sudden changes in air source pressure. Compressed air filter is a kind of equipment to purify the air source, it can filter the moisture in the compressed air and prevent the moisture from entering the equipment with the gas. The oil injector can lubricate various moving parts of the body, and can provide lubrication to the parts that cannot be lubricated, thus improving the service life of the body.


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