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OF Air Filter

OF Air Filter

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According to the filtration principle, never put the paper cartridge in the oil for cleaning during maintenance, otherwise the paper cartridge will malfunction and it is likely to cause a flying accident. When maintaining, only the vibration method, soft brush method (should be brushed along its folds), or compressed air back-blowing method can be used to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the paper cartridge. For coarse filtration parts, the dust parts, blades and cyclone pipes should be cleaned in time. Even if every serious maintenance, the paper filter can not fully restore the original performance, thus increasing the air resistance, therefore, after the fourth maintenance, usually need to replace the new compressed air filter. If there is a paper filter element rupture, broken hole, filter paper and end cover degumming and other problems, it must be replaced in a timely manner.

1、Wet gas inertia filter consists of central tube, oil pool, etc. . Its working principle is: when the gas enters the filter, along the central pipe at high speed down to the oil surface of the oil pool, it suddenly becomes up in the direction of movement and begins to rotate, at this time, due to inertia, some of the dust with a larger mass is too late to rise with the gas counter-current due to inertia and is stuck in the oil to complete the air overconsideration.

2、Dry overconsideration air filter includes cardboard filter and seals, etc. It works by filtering the dust in the air through the filter cartridge or attached to the filter.

3、Oil mist filter is a metal cartridge, it works by filtering the gas through the oil bath after filtering the oil filtered fine dust particles are blocked in the metal filter.


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