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Do you know what is the difference between a common three-way valve and a two-position, two-way solenoid valve?

2022-10-21 11:39:31

Two-position two-way valve is a two-position series, in fact, there are many models of this type of solenoid valve, the different number of ports have a very different effect, we choose to buy according to their needs, but this makes many players do not understand the differences, of course, these differences are not in the two-position two-way solenoid valve models on this type of problem, this issue is mainly about the differences between which and three-way valve.

1, physical appearance

Two-way valve and three-way valve installation and the actual shape of the following. The two-way valve fillet area is connected to the fine pipe (liquid pipe) in the pipeline, the copper pipe of the peripheral equipment and the capillary tube outlet; three-way valve fillet connects the coarse pipe (pipeline) in the pipeline and connects to the copper pipeline of the four-way valve.

The gas two-position two-way solenoid valve consists of a position adjustment port and two perpendicular to each other, the three-way valve in addition to the two-way valve, but also has an access hole for air conditioning equipment maintenance.

2、Valve center

Three-way gate valve positioning adjustment port by the valve hole, valve heart, stop torsion spring, plug cover, the most important is the valve heart, from left to right, in order of cone, fillet, sealing ring, positioning adjustment port.

Gate valve seal ring to be the core of the seal ring, long-term or valve heart adjustment, the seal ring failure, if not twisted, the seal ring in the chloride will leak, resulting in chloride leakage, thus, whether or not the seepage of water, the two-way valve and three-way valve cover should be twisted.

Disassemble the two-way valve and three-way valve cover, you can see a positioning adjustment hole, which is controlled from within six directions, by turning to adjust the seat position to adjust the two-way valve and three-way valve.

Three five usually open solenoid valve will valve heart clockwise rotation, valve heart cone and valve hole base off, indoor and outdoor machine inside the line and indoor and outdoor machine coupler interface rupture; counterclockwise rotation, valve heart moved outward, valve heart cone and valve hole seat open, indoor machine inside the cylinder and indoor and outdoor machine coupler interoperability.

3, the three-way valve inspection hole

Three-way air control valve inspection port is mainly composed of imperial interface, valve core, access port plug, etc. The role of the gate valve is in the regular work, the access port to carry out the blockage, in the air conditioning maintenance, the access port and the refrigeration unit connected to pass. During air conditioner maintenance, the ejector of the valve core is pushed upward with the fluorine pipe ejector and interconnected with the indoor and outdoor machines (thick pipe), and the pressure gauge of the fluorine containing pipe is used to mark the pressure of the system; at the end of maintenance, the fluorine pipe is removed, the ejector of the valve core is sunk downward, the inspection port is closed, and the refrigeration unit is disconnected.


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