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How to properly select the right one-way solenoid valve?

2022-10-21 10:39:37

Selecting the appropriate solenoid valve: When selecting a solenoid valve, it should be based on four basic requirements, namely safety, adaptability, price and quality, and to meet the corresponding working environment (for example: the size of the diameter, media type, pressure level, supply voltage, mode of operation, special features).

How to choose solenoid valve, should follow

A, according to the pipeline parameters to choose different solenoid valve: DN, interface (connection)

1, according to the site pipe diameter or flow requirements, to determine the DN diameter, of course, you can also customize their own high-pressure check valve.

2, the connection: DN>65 commonly used flange interface, DN ≥ 65 can choose any thread or flange type.

Second, according to the type of media selection solenoid valve: valve body material, seals, temperature group

1, corrosion-resistant normally open solenoid valve corrosive liquids: the valve body selection of polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, commonly known as the "king of plastic", can choose fluorine rubber or PTFE

2, threaded end screw 2, edible or ultra-clean liquids: valve body for medical-grade stainless steel, and silicone seals.

3, high-temperature fluids: high-temperature resistant stainless steel materials and sealing materials, the basic structure of the piston type.

4, fluid state: large to gaseous, liquid, or air conditioning solenoid valve type mixed state, especially when large diameter, as it is related to the parameters of the guide hole, so it should be distinguished.

5, liquid with normally open solenoid valve fluid viscosity: usually 50 cSt, more than 50 cSt, the use of higher viscosity solenoid valve.

6, fluid cleanliness: in the case of impurities, install a filter on the front of the solenoid valve.

Third, the working principle and structure of the solenoid valve by pressure rating selection

1, rated pressure: this parameter is the same as other common valves, the reference is the rated pressure or working pressure 1.5.

2, stainless steel two-position two-way solenoid valve: the use of medical-grade stainless steel, and silicone seals. 2, working pressure: refers to when the solenoid valve is in the closed state, by the valve front tube pressure minus the pressure at the end of the valve; no differential pressure, no differential pressure, no vacuum, should be used to direct drive or distributed direct drive, but should not choose a large diameter; a certain pressure difference or higher than a certain pressure difference, the principle of inflow should be used structure. (My company's pilot piston solenoid valve with 0.01 MPa working pressure).


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