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What are the different styles of two-position two-way solenoid valves?

2022-10-21 11:24:57

Two-position two-way solenoid valve is a phased direct drive type solenoid valve, according to its closing state can be divided into two types of normally closed and normally open type.

In the normally closed solenoid valve, the coil is driven by electromagnetic force and the armature, under the action of electromagnetic force, first flows the liquid from the secondary valve cover, thus reducing the pressure on the main valve seat, and is a high pressure two-position two-way solenoid valve, which is extremely strong in this regard.

When the coil is cut off, the electromagnetic force is removed and the armature drops due to its own weight. At the same time, the pressure through the medium enables the main and secondary valves to close tightly.

Normally open solenoid valve, after the coil is energized, the moving iron core moves downward due to the suction force, so that the vice valve valve plug down, the vice valve closed, the main valve cup pressure rises, when the pressure reaches a certain value, the main valve cup up and down pressure difference -like, under the action of electromagnetic force, the moving iron core to the main valve cup downward pressure, press the main valve seat, so that the valve closed.

Cartridge two-position two-way solenoid valve mechanism are in the coil power off, the electromagnetic suction force is 0, the secondary valve plug and moving iron core due to the action of the spring is lifted upward, the secondary valve opens, the liquid in the main valve cup through the secondary valve out, thus reducing the pressure on the main valve cup, when the pressure on the main valve seat is reduced to a certain value, through the differential pressure will be the main valve cup top, so that the solenoid valve opens, so that the medium flow.

It can work even in a differential pressure of 0 or in a vacuum and high voltage environment, but because of its high energy, it must be installed sideways.

The working principle of the inflow solenoid valve: When starting, the pneumatic two-position two-way solenoid valve opens the inflow port, which makes the pressure in the upper cavity drop rapidly, forming a high pressure difference between the upper and lower around the closing element, which will be lifted by hydraulic pressure to open the valve; when the power is off, the air inflow port will be closed by the elastic force, and the pressure of the incoming air will pass through the bypass hole rapidly, forming an up and down, down, up and down pressure difference, pushing the closing member downward by hydraulic pressure, so that the valve can be closed.

Features: This product has a wide range of oil pressure control, which can be set arbitrarily according to user requirements, but must reach the hydraulic pressure difference. Particular attention should be paid to the nature of the medium, ambient temperature, operating frequency, power supply, etc.


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