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What you need to know about one-way solenoid valve installation details

2022-10-21 09:03:18

One-way solenoid valve as a key component of many instruments, in the installation has its own special characteristics, in many cases is the need to pay attention to all aspects of the content, otherwise it is easy to appear the model and the demand for different situations, and in the time of entry must pay attention to the details in all aspects, but there are still many users ignore the details, so this issue to explain in detail this aspect of the Installation details.

1, when receiving the goods, to confirm whether the solenoid valve model and parameters are consistent with the model parameters proposed when ordering, if there is a mistake, please contact the supplier immediately.

2, before installation, please read the instructions carefully to ensure that the site's working conditions are in line with the conditions of use of the product you purchased, if the working conditions are beyond the specified range, please immediately stop the installation or use, and consult the compressor normally open solenoid valve manufacturer to avoid accidents or damage to the product.

3, strictly comply with the construction procedures of the installation, remember the precautions and points in construction, and make adequate preparations before installation.

4, before installing the solenoid valve into the pipeline, you should use more than 0.3 MPa air or water to clean the pipeline, to ensure that the pipeline will be cleaned of dirt (such as welding slag, sealing residue, dirt, etc.).

5, corrosion-resistant solenoid valve can not be installed in the lower recess of the pipe, if the discharge pipe in the container part, should be avoided from the bottom of the container to prevent the impurities deposited in the bottom of the container wash out, into the solenoid valve, causing damage.

6, solenoid valve can generally only be operated in one direction, can not be inverted, the valve body usually has a "→" logo to indicate the flow of media, or input for "IN" in English, the export for "OUT" .

7, in the purchase of high-pressure check valve custom models installed, should be careful not to use too much sealant, for example, when using threaded joints, the length of the male threads of the tube shall not exceed the effective length of the solenoid valve threads, and the half-pitch of the male threads with a file to seal the tape from 2 teeth around, otherwise, the excess tape or adhesive residue will lead to the internal void of the solenoid valve door caused by failure.

8, solenoid valve requirements for the fluid: to ensure that the liquid does not contain impurities, no crystallization, no condensation, no scale, no paste, viscosity less than 22 CST, otherwise it will lead to failure, and set up a cartridge in the front of the solenoid valve pipeline, the cartridge diameter must be greater than 60 mesh to prevent impurities into the solenoid valve.

9, please pay attention to the safety level of the product you order, one-way solenoid valve supply manufacturers is not appear for flammable, explosive, dangerous environment, IP54 level can not be installed in the open air, serious leaks, serious splash area.


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