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Do you know what are the specifications of different models of normally open solenoid valves?

2022-10-22 10:23:15

Normally open solenoid valve at this stage of the valve market or have a great demand, coupled with a variety of instruments now in this area of demand is also different, so in the time to choose a large number of models, quality can be customized, and this issue is mainly a brief explanation of the specifications of which classification, a brief look at the specifics of this area.

1, the common normally open solenoid valve specifications are.

(1) three five usually open solenoid valve: five ports, two positions of the single electronic control: only one coil, after charging to drive the spool, after the power failure through the spring to push the valve body back to the original position. (usually in the absence of breathing, no breathing, will not affect the instrument), more representative of the different two-position two-way solenoid valve models, the overall effect is very good.

(2) 5 ports, 2 ports, two coils, in the case of one coil is powered, the spool will be moved to one side, in the case of power failure, the spool is still in the original position, until the other coil is powered, the spool will turn to the other end. (Common to mechanical cross, continuous, mechanical), it should be noted that some of them are more special, such as: 4v series solenoid valve coil.

(3) two-position two-way solenoid valve for gas: two-position medium shut-off double electric control: two coils, one powered on to drive the spool, in the case of power failure, the spool back to the middle position, after the other coil is powered on, then switch to the other end. (Commonly used in mechanical cross, continuous motion, fall prevention and other mechanisms)

(4) three ports, two positions, single electronic control: when a circuit breaker is opened, the power is disconnected and disconnected in case of power failure (usually used for vacuum chucks).

2、The application points of solenoid valve

(1) by operating the manual button, in the solar one-way solenoid valve is not stimulated, you can switch the solenoid valve and the through-air circuit. Generally applied in the debugging of the circuit, maintenance, fault analysis, etc. Press the manual key to open the air circuit, and return to the original state after release

(2) In addition to a single type of solenoid valve, there is also a way to assemble two or more single valve body centrally, i.e., set type. It is characterized by compact structure and neat wiring.


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