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Oil misters on the high pressure one-way solenoid valve will produce what harm?

2022-10-22 10:45:52

Oil atomizer as a member of the air source processing parts can not avoid contact with the high pressure one-way solenoid valve, in many cases are required to cooperate with each other, the most of which is in the car parts, but there is the use of damage, this is common in many cases, in this regard is no exception, and this issue is to explain in detail the impact of which is on the high pressure solenoid valve.

In actual production, due to the application of metal cutting fluid, will produce many particles in the atmosphere. High-quality gas two-position two-way solenoid valve of metal processing lubricants, containing sulfonates, fatty amines, phosphates, coloring agents, fungicides, etc.. If the lubricant is used for a long time, it will be oxidized by hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, microbial breeding, or due to environmental pollution. Therefore, effective control of the use of filters in metalworking shops is the key to the health of workers.

On the other hand, in the automotive industry, the use of ultra-high pressure one-way solenoid valve can be a good way to increase the performance of the car, but the corresponding need to pay attention to the hazards in this regard, the compression of the two will be born when carrying out the work of high-speed power, but the danger of which is greatly increased, so it still depends on how to choose.    

As the oil mist in the metal cutting fluid increases the risk of fire, and the probability of falling on the ground with oil mist increases, different two-position two-way solenoid valve models in the discharge of oil mist into the workshop, the surrounding environment has a great impact. The oil mist of metal cutting fluid has a great danger to the health of workers, and prolonged exposure to the oil mist of metal cutting fluid can cause diseases, skin allergies, tumors and other diseases, and also produce certain hazards to the human body, so be sure to use the oil mist filter. Metal cutting fluid is a complex chemical composition with preservatives and air pollution, which can cause sudden asthma and possibly airway discomfort. Even if the concentration of oil mist is only 0.41~0.55 mg per cubic meter, prolonged exposure to oil mist can still lead to acute bronchitis, chest discomfort and respiratory irritation.


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