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What is the versatility of the normally open solenoid valve?

2022-10-22 11:00:13

Currently, normally open solenoid valves are increasingly used, but due to the differences in their use environment, improving their comprehensive performance can reduce the cost of production, procurement, storage, installation and maintenance.

(1) Ability to adjust response time.

The act of sending an electronic signal to the valve body is called response time,compressor normally open solenoid valve in different situations, the speed of the switch is different, there are four different combinations: fast open and fast close - fast response system; slow start - to prevent water hammer; fast open - used to slowly open; slow start - smooth transition, with the representative is: air conditioning solenoid valve, multifunctional solenoid valve can be in any position adjustment, the operation is very convenient.

(2) the use of extended media Fan solidity.

Compared to other self-control valves, high pressure two-position two-way solenoid valve in the medium has a small range of viscosity changes, therefore, air, water, steam, oil and other media have different effects on their performance; generally can not be used solenoid valve. At the same time, multifunctional solenoid valve only a small screw to achieve the three functions of air, water and oil, expanding its application areas, welcomed by the majority of users.

(3) The opening of the upper and lower kiln can be adjusted.

It is also usually required to have a manually operated solenoid valve during use to prevent power failure or malfunction.

Conventional manual operation is only available manually or manually, both of which are purely manual. Manual adjustment can also pre-set the opening degree of the valve, in general, manual adjustment equipment can only pre-set the opening degree and minimum opening degree of the valve, if it is fully manually operated, the opening degree and minimum opening degree of the valve can be set in advance. Multifunctional solenoid valve "smc solenoid valve" is a purely manually operated zero contact valve. Other types of solenoid valves can be operated manually as needed.

With the adjustment of China's energy structure, the proportion of natural gas in the national economy is increasing, the demand for high-temperature normally open solenoid valve has also increased. There are natural gas, industrial natural gas, city natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. These gases contain various impurities and corrosive, which have different requirements for the valve. In addition, at various pressures, compressed gas can reach 21~25 Mpa. in our country, there is already a good technology.


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