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396 oil misters

396 oil misters

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Oil atomizer is a special oil spraying device, it can inject the lubricant inside the nozzle into the airflow, and then transported by high pressure air to the parts that need lubrication, but because most of the products do not have oil, so the frequency of use of the triplex nozzle decreases, and the triplex is divided into

Oil mist filter through the inlet of compressed gas through the small hole under the nozzle into the valve seat, so that the upper and lower surfaces form a different pressure difference. Due to the oil leakage and spring, the steel ball is in the middle and the compressed air enters the upper chamber of the oil cup to bring pressure to the oil layer, and then the iron ball of the check valve is discharged by the suction pipe. There is a small square hole at the upper end of the steel ball so that the steel ball cannot block the upper pipe and the pressure oil is discharged from the nozzle of the nozzle through the small hole above and then from the exhaust pipe. The throttle valve can adjust the oil volume so that the number of oil droplets is between 0 and 120.

The main characteristics of the atomizer and the problems that should be noted: the change of the pressure drop in the atomizer inlet and outlet during the atomization process.

The oil plane in the tank is in normal operation, the inlet pressure of the nozzle is the specified value, and the number of oil drops is 5 drops per minute (throttle fully open).

Note that the direction of the nozzle inlet and exhaust must not be reversed when the problem should be noted: before installation should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt inside the pipe, and the residue of the sealing material must not be mixed in.

Maintenance of the oil sprayer: the sprayer need not be set too high for better maintenance and servicing.

Installation position of triplex oil sprayer: the oil sprayer is located at the back of the compressor and the press. The one-way solenoid valve of the hydraulic press can effectively prevent water from flowing out of the cup and introduce oil into the throttle hole of the pressure reducing valve.


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