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3V100 series solenoid valve

3V100 series solenoid valve

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The 3V100 series solenoid valves offer three practical options: fault site, open output or closed output. All input and output options are easily accessible with a jumper plug. Additional adjustments include non-interactive zero and interval adjustments for easy field calibration.

This stainless steel two-position, two-way solenoid valve includes a red LED indicator (open output), a green LED indicator (closed output), an on-board fuse, and two removable screw leads (for easy maintenance). The Snaptrack is equipped with the SVC-100 (117 VAC), SVC-100B (234 VAC), and SVC-100D (24 VAC). The SVC-100A (117 VAC), SVC-100 C (234 VAC), and SVC-1000E (24 VAC) are equipped with brackets for direct mounting on a substrate or bracket; each unit has a thermal barrier.

Form of conduction: internal or external conduction type, sliding structure, good sealing performance, fast response, double-ended solenoid valve with memory function, special processing of internal holes, low frictional resistance, low starting pressure, long service life, no need for oiling and lubrication.

Usage: 1, 3v series solenoid valve wholesale before use to carefully check the components in transit for damage, and then assembled for use;.

2, the installation should pay attention to the flow direction of the airflow and the tooth shape of the receiver. The medium used must be filtered through a 40 micron cartridge.

3、Please note that before installation, according to "voltage", "operating frequency", "working pressure", "working temperature " and other technical specifications, and according to the provisions of the installation.

4, normally closed two-position two-way solenoid valve installation, pay attention to the flow of air, P is the inlet, A (B) is the work port, R is S.

5, avoid the use of vibration in the environment, and in low temperatures should take appropriate anti-freezing measures.

6、When connecting the pipeline, please note that the curl of the stopcock should not exceed the end of the pipeline, and clean up the dust, iron filings and other dirt in the pipeline to prevent impurities and impurities from entering the valve interior.


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