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4A220-08 Pneumatic control valve

4A220-08 Pneumatic control valve

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Pneumatic control valve, also called air pressure regulating valve, is a relatively common pneumatic control device, the main role is to control the pressure, flow and flow direction of airflow to ensure its work performance. The component that controls and regulates the pressure of compressed air is called smg air source pressure reducing valve. The element that controls and regulates the speed of compressed air is called a flow regulator valve. This element that changes and controls the flow of air is called a steering valve.

The FTI Automation selection includes all types of SMC valves, including logic devices with logic functions, including nozzle devices that are not movable within the unit and pneumatic logic devices that are movable devices. In terms of structural principle, the logic element is basically the same as the directional regulating valve, except that it is small in size, has a small passage diameter, and is generally used for logic operations. With the miniaturization of pneumatic components and the popularization of PLC, its application scope is gradually reduced.

According to its control mode, high pressure two-position two-way solenoid valve can be divided into intermittent and continuous type. In discontinuous control, usually use pressure regulating valve, flow regulating valve, directional regulating valve and other procedures to achieve; in continuous control, in addition to the use of pressure, flow regulating valve, but also should be used servo valve, proportional valve, etc..



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