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5L oxygen machine solenoid valve

5L oxygen machine solenoid valve

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The medical oxygen generator uses a micro air compressor to separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air through a solenoid valve device and filter out the impurities in the air so as to meet the requirements of medical oxygen. Because of the difference in the performance of molecular sieve products produced by different manufacturers, the conversion cycle for inlet and exhaust N2 is different. The existing medical oxygen generators all use motor conversion valves with both inlet and exhaust air.

The conversion cycle of outlet N2 is fixed, when the motor changeover valve is open, the flow rate gradually increases; the compressor normally open solenoid valve in the closed state, the flow rate gradually decreases from large gradually, this process is very slow, the opening of the motor changeover valve is very small, which has a great influence on the stability of oxygen concentration and oxygen concentration. Since the opening/closing cycle of the motor changeover valve is not adjustable, it is impossible to determine the on/off time of its output according to the nature of the commodity.

The utility model is a solenoid valve for highland oxygen producing machinery, characterized in that it has a coil skeleton and a valve seat, the bottom of said valve seat is provided with a limit device, the right side of the valve seat is provided with an air inlet, the left side of said valve seat is provided with an exhaust port, the top of the valve seat is provided with a buffer port, and the right side of the bottom of the buffer port of the piston type normally open solenoid valve is connected to the air inlet.


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