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Yarn feeder

Yarn feeder

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In the feed device, the brake disc defines the relative brake surface of the output brake on the large yarn storage roller, and the disc is cocked upward by means of a tilting member associated with this brake member, which engages the brake surface in order to open the wedge-shaped opening for yarn feeding. The strong single yarn clamp tilting part is mounted on the yarn storage rollers and the seamless machine feeder is completed by a piston rod movable within the pressure chamber of the base. The pressure chamber is connected to a pressure source with a yarn-guiding opening in the exit brake. Unless significant mechanical modifications are made to the opening brake, the device is difficult to guide yarn accurately by the output brake in the reverse situation.

In a known yarn feeder, a piston rod is mounted on, or close to, the surface of a massive yarn storage roller, and the rod acts directly on the brake belt of the brake member, or directly on the brake member, thereby causing the brake belt in this partially defined area to be lifted from the reverse movement surface of the yarn storage roller, and the textile machine triple yarn clamp is customized to open the yarn to the lunar gap. Due to the limited space, in addition to the mechanical forces and the difficulties of installing such a device. The mechanical load on both the brake components and the brake surface is high.

An object of such a product is to provide a cotton feeder as described above and a method for opening the output brake. It is possible to introduce and withdraw any desired amount of yarn into and out of the output brake quickly and always without problems.


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