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How to solve the common one-way solenoid valve failure?

2022-10-21 17:03:34

One-way solenoid valve as a common component in many instruments have its place, but everyone in the purchase and use of parts, models, effects are different, which is what makes many users are finally unable to use, and this is what needs to be explained in this issue, simply share some common problems, so that I hope it will be helpful to you.

1, coil short circuit or short circuit.

Test: first of all, use a multimeter to measure its open and closed, to see if it is the right type of two-position two-way solenoid valve for gas, to determine after viewing the resistance if the resistance is close to 0 or infinity, then the table coil short circuit or disconnected. If its resistance is normal (about tens of ohms), this does not mean it is good, finally, with a small screwdriver, plug it into the solenoid, and then plug it into the solenoid, if it has a magnetic force, it means it is good, otherwise it is bad .

Solution: It will first be measured with a multimeter to replace the open solenoid.

2, the plug / plug has a problem.

Fault phenomenon: If it is with a plug / socket, then it is likely to be because of the plug and the plug, the plug of the plug, plug and ground wire connection problems, it is recommended that we develop a good habit: plug and plug fixed nut.

If the cylinder five-position one-way solenoid valve solenoid plug is equipped with LED power indicator, the use of DC power to drive the solenoid valve, that is, the line is right, otherwise the indication will light. In addition, when using power plugs with different voltage levels of the light-emitting diodes, do not interchange them, as this may cause the LED to be burned out/powered (replace the plug with a low voltage level) or the LED to glow very weakly (replace the plug with a high voltage level).

In the absence of a power indicator, the solenoid valve coil is unable to distinguish the difference in polarity.

Solution: solve the wiring errors, repair or replace the plug, or use the socket 4v series solenoid valve coil.

3, the problem of the valve spool.

Fault phenomenon: when the medium pressure in the solenoid valve is normal, press the red manual button on the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve does not respond (the pressure medium does not occur through and through), which indicates that there is a problem with the valve.

Treatment: check whether there is water in the medium, such as compressed air there is no water (sometimes, the oil mist filter is not very useful, especially in the case of poor pipeline design, there will be a lot of water in the compressed air into the solenoid valve), there is no large amount of impurities in the liquid medium. Then clean up the solenoid valve and the dirt in the pipeline. If still can not be solved, repair or replace the spool, or completely replace all the solenoid valve.


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