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How to reduce the noise of normally open solenoid valve?

2022-10-22 09:12:47

I think we all know how big its decibels are when using the normally open solenoid valve, which makes many people are very unhappy, so how can we eliminate this noise, the following is a simple introduction to the solution.

General noise elimination methods.

First, the choice of low-frequency normally open solenoid valve

There is a special electromagnetic device on the market is to reduce the noise, three five normally open solenoid valve some with a solenoid to connect the solenoid and the solenoid, so that the speed of the pipeline becomes slow, so as to achieve supersonic speed, such as the appropriate two-position two-way solenoid valve model, this type of solenoid valve uses a low-noise casing valve, can reduce the noise to a dozen decibels.

Types of low-noise gate valves .

Second, the application of sound-absorbing materials

It is a simple method of production, is wrapped with a material that can absorb sound waves. This is a good method, and in the absence of noise, but also very costly, especially in the case of very long pipes, such as choosing the right coil, like the more typical: air pressure one-way solenoid valve, but need to remember that the noise will spread with the flow of liquid, so this method is very expensive.

Third, the application of amplifier silencer

This method is to use something to protect the noise.

Fourth, the application of thick-walled pipes

Ordinary diameter also has an effect on noise. Thin-walled pipes can be shortened by 5 days and thickness by 20 days compared with thick-walled pipes. The thickness of the pipe diameter has an impact on noise reduction and the size of the pipe diameter, this aspect of the carbon tank normally open solenoid valve design is very good, but need to pay attention to the price cost.

The principle of "series throttling" is to distribute the pressure drop of each component equally to each component, in order to make it work better, it is necessary to analyze each component in detail and design according to the actual size and shape to ensure that the noise of the solenoid valve is the same as the noise of the diffuser. The use of a diffuser, on the other hand, is the recommended method of reducing the sound.


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