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Why are two-position two-way solenoid valve parts so difficult to produce?

2022-10-21 13:52:23

Why is it so difficult to produce two-position two-way solenoid valve parts? Compared with most of the machine products is less, this is mainly due to the difficulty of this kind of parts itself is not small, although the core parts of this valve is not much, the structure is also relatively simple, most solenoid valves are fine workmanship, the appearance looks very rough, looks like a very common thing.

In fact, the sealing point of the valve, the seal of the "three degrees" (flatness, smoothness, strength) is very demanding, consisting of two seals, the seal must be zero to zero to ensure zero leakage in the airtightness test. Because of its unevenness, so must ensure zero-to-zero, so the semi-closed two-position two-way solenoid valve such requirements are more is a major technical problem in production. Test and inspection of the valve

The second type of pressure vessel is the main open, close, adjusting parts, while the second type has many different application environments, such as: high pressure, high temperature, low temperature hydrogen production, flammable and explosive substances, strong corrosion, etc.. However, the valve testing and testing standards, but it is difficult to meet the same requirements, many international and China's valve testing standards, normally closed two-position two-way solenoid valve is used for water vapor or water as raw material, at near room temperature. This is the most basic safety issue, because the air conditioning solenoid valve, after rigorous testing, if the choice of raw materials, the quality of the casting and sealing problems, it is likely to lead to safety accidents. It is no wonder that some experienced valve professionals, will become increasingly afraid and worried.

Are you shocked after witnessing the valve manufacturing process? Big eye opener! This looks very simple valve, custom gas source filtration pressure reducing valve even which is particularly simple solenoid valve convergence plate production process is also quite troublesome, it can be seen that these are actually not so simple, which requires the consumption of energy and difficulty are very large, but the good thing is that at present our country has had a not small technical achievements, the effect is still very good.


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