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AW Filter Pressure Reducing Valve

AW Filter Pressure Reducing Valve

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The filtration efficiency is high, generally up to 99.99%; at the same time, the resistance of air is reduced to ensure that the pressure of the air under consideration and the flow rate does not change much. The structure of the self-cleaning filter itself should not only be able to withstand the corresponding pressure, but also have good sealing performance. In order to ensure the filtration effect, the filter material must have a certain impact resistance, withstand a certain pressure, and can withstand the impact of hurricane wind, will not crack, will not ball up, will not drop slag, will not produce oxidation and surface shedding in the work.

According to the different filter materials, it can be classified as "deep", "mesh", deep and mesh fusion type.

The "deep" filter element is mainly composed of coarse fiber, forged powder and porous ceramic, etc., which forms a curved channel when the cyclone occurs and facilitates the capture of dust particles in the cyclone.

Customized air source filtration pressure reducing valve in the screen type cartridge is a porous metal, plastic, various fiber materials, microporous filter membrane, etc.. This filter material has uniform pore size distribution and high porosity, and any dust particles beyond the pores can be filtered. For example, filters using ultra-fine glass fiber fabric, polyester woven can filter dust particles above 0.9 microns.


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