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3V110-06 bottle machine valve set supporting solenoid valve

3V110-06 bottle machine valve set supporting solenoid valve

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1. Model: 3V110-06, 3V110-06-NO normally open

2. Working medium: air

3. Action mode: pilot type

4. Receiver diameter: G1/8

5. Effective cross-sectional area: 12.00mm square (CV = 0.67)

6. Position number: two tee

7. Lubrication: not required

8. Use pressure range: 0.15 - 0.8MPa

9. Guaranteed pressure resistance: 1.9MPa

10.Working temperature: -20--70°

11. Body material: aluminum alloy

Solenoid valve damage failure performance.

1, can not use electricity: when the solenoid valve terminals are loose or disconnected, the solenoid valve can not use electricity, can tighten the terminals of the wire.

2, solar one-way solenoid valve coil burned: when the solenoid valve coil burned, you can disconnect it and use a multimeter to measure, if disconnected, will make the coil burned; there is coil moisture, resulting in poor insulation, magnetic leakage, so that the coil internal current is too large and burned, should avoid the inflow of rain into the solenoid valve; in addition, due to the spring is hard, the reaction force is too large, the number of coil turns is too small, insufficient suction, etc., will cause coil burned. In an emergency, in normal operation, you can play the "0" bit to the "1" bit of the coil on the manual button, so as to open the valve.

3, solenoid valve jam: solenoid valve slide sleeve and the engagement gap between the spool is very small (0.008 mm or less), usually assembled in a single piece, if mechanical impurities into or lubricant is too little, it is very easy to jam.

Treatment: Insert the metal wire into the small hole in the head and pop it up. The fundamental solution to the problem is to disassemble the solenoid tube, the spool and spool sleeve with CCI4 clean, so that the air conditioning solenoid valve class spool can be flexible in the valve sleeve to move. In the process of disassembly, pay attention to the installation order of each part and the location of the external wiring, so that it is reassembled and connected, while checking that the oil injection port is not blocked, the lubricant is sufficient.

4, air leakage: overdrive gear one-way solenoid valve leakage will lead to insufficient air pressure, resulting in forced valve is difficult to open, because of broken gasket or spool wear, resulting in cavity air leakage.

Solution: When the solenoid valve in the switching system fails, do it at the right time, and wait for the solenoid valve to lose power before proceeding. If this cannot be done in one switching interval, the switching system can be suspended and proceeded from there.


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