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Pneumatic actuator ball valve

Pneumatic actuator ball valve

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Pneumatic actuator ball valve liquid resistance is small, the liquid density is relatively low (almost 0), usually using two forms of reduction and full pipe. No matter what construction is used, the liquid density index of imported pneumatic ball valves are low. In particular, the full-flow type, that is, the shut-off valve of the tube, because its safety discharge hole is equal to the nominal diameter of the tube, so that part of the frictional damage exists and is limited to the same aperture of seamless steel pipe, that is, in all the cut-off valve, such an inlet air ball valve has a smaller fluid density Z.

Pneumatic actuator ball valves with pneumatic triple linkage opening and closing power are always fast to open and close and easy to operate, because in general, closing the valve requires only 90 degrees of the remote lever to complete the opening or closing state, so it can easily achieve high efficiency opening and closing. In some structures, the opening time is only 0.05 to 0.1 seconds, thus ensuring the application in laboratory automatic control. No damage is caused when closing the shut-off valve.

Compressor normally open solenoid valve manufacturers make a good seal masculinity, most of the pneumatic actuator ball valves on the market today are made of plastic materials such as PTFE, a seal made of metal composite and fiber materials, often called soft seals. Usually, it is also easy to ensure the sealing of the soft seal, but the requirements for dimensional accuracy and precision of the sealing surface are not high.

Pneumatic actuator ball valves have a longer life. PTFE has excellent self-lubrication, less rolling wear on the trigon, and its strength has been reduced due to the improvement of spherical processing technology, thus extending the life of the valve. Banno Valve Company has conducted life tests of break valves in the laboratory with a total of more than 10,000 power switching cycles.


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