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Precautions when assembling one-way solenoid valves

2022-10-22 09:59:55

One-way solenoid valve in the assembly will often encounter a variety of problems, this time you need to inquire and modify in all aspects, and these common problems are actually the wrong use of the installation, and a good grasp of the right notes in avoiding the problem has a great help.

1, before construction, please refer to the instruction manual, check whether to meet the requirements of use, the model brand is different to communicate timely return to the factory, such as the purchase of ordinary solenoid valve, but shipped a pneumatic one-way solenoid valve, then it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner to exchange.

2, before using the pipeline, the pipeline must be cleaned first, set the filter on the unclean material to prevent the valve from clogging.

3, after a long-term shutdown of the solenoid valve, to be cleaned and cooled before use; like air conditioning solenoid valve such solenoid valve is extremely easy to accumulate dust or damage, when disassembled, the parts should be lined up in order, and then assembled.

4, the solenoid valve is generally one-way operation, can not be inverted, there is an arrow at the top of the valve, indicating the speed of fluid flow in the pipe.

5, when the shutdown, the solenoid valve must be heated, or take insulation measures, unless it is a high temperature normally open solenoid valve such products.

6, solenoid valve in the general installation of the oil circuit board, the solenoid coil vertically up, some products can be assembled at will, but in the conditions allow, it is recommended to use the vertical way, so as to improve the service life, and some special like solenoid valve convergence plate this, in the assembly of the time or need to pay attention to its special characteristics for installation.

7, after connecting the magnet winding wire (RF connector), the connection should be checked for loose connection parts, if loose, will cause the piston type normally open solenoid valve failure. In order to ensure continuous production, a bypass should be selected to facilitate maintenance and will not affect production.

Before using the one-way solenoid valve, to understand the use of the environment, and then purchase, because there are seven major problems in the assembly of one-way solenoid valve, so the installer should be extra careful to avoid accidents.


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