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OR Pressure Reducing Valve

OR Pressure Reducing Valve

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The use of pressure regulator.

1, combined pressure regulator can provide stable and reliable low pressure cooling water for water after the valve to ensure the unit water consumption. Its pressure reduction is more appropriate value of 12:1. combined pressure regulator is equipped with a backwash sewage system, which can be applied to poor quality materials, while the safety lock device can ensure that even if the system is severely damaged, the outlet pressure is still maintained at low pressure.

2、With a filter on the technical water supply unit, smg gas source pressure reducing valve can provide clean water for the unit to avoid impurities from invading the unit and causing damage. If the filter is installed on the combined pressure valve, the user can choose a lower pressure level filter, but too many impurities will affect the performance of the regulating valve.

3、The hydraulic regulating valve on the technical water supply unit can be opened quickly or closed slowly to cut off the material flow in the pipeline and eliminate the water hammer pressure in the pipeline. The hydraulic regulating valve with good performance can backwash in the case of opening and closing to ensure smooth operation.

4、The pressure reducing valve on the technical water supply unit can clearly maintain the safe pressure of the pipeline. When the pipeline exceeds the set pressure, the pressure relief valve will open completely and can unload in time. The pressure reducing valve with better performance has the function of automatic opening in addition to the feedback mechanism, which can automatically switch the circuit when there is a failure, or directly bleed the air manually.


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